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What’s the key to creating not just game-changing but life-changing products? At DSM, bright science increasingly depends on our ability to develop and share knowledge and insight - both inside and outside our business. The result is a portfolio of products that we believe make our planet a better place to live.
A portfolio of products that we believe make our planet a better place to live

We see a growing convergence across our three principle business clusters of Health, Nutrition and Materials which means that DSM is more than just the sum of its parts – as evidenced by the fact that today we compete as the number one or two in many of the markets we serve.

Six million people can’t be wrong

Most importantly, DSM's products have real meaning and resonance for real people. For example, there are six million people walking the earth today with devices inside their bodies that contain key ingredients from DSM. We achieved this innovation by literallly taking our world-leading expertise in strong, lightweight, flexible materials like polymers and melding them with our knowledge of human cells and chemistry in Life Sciences. The result: Medical devices - for joints, hearts and even the brain - that interact with the body in previously unimagined ways.

Our health solutions cover everything from advanced biomedical devices to health-enhancing nutritional ingredients. DSM also supplies vitamins, carotenoids and lipids Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our solutions for nutrition span everything from vitamins and carotenoids to taste and texture enhancers and other food processing ingredients; and from unique animal feed formulations to hair and skin care ingredients. We’re also heavily involved with the World Food Programme in the fight against ‘hidden hunger’.

Our materials solutions include a number of increasingly green thermoplastics and resins for use in everything from vehicles to paints to sports equipment to fiber optic coatings, not to mention Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™.