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Science & Technology Award Asia

Awarded annually and open to PhD students, the Science & Technology Award Asia is about recognizing and rewarding excellence in innovative PhD research in various fields that are of interest to DSM. The chosen field for 2018 was animal nutrition and feed science, and the award was organized in partnership with the China Animal Nutrition Association (CANA).
Science & Technology Award Asia 2018

A total of 39 PhD researchers from China were nominated for the 2018 award. After review by a pre-selection committee, four nominees were invited to present their research at the 8th Chinese Feed Nutrition Association Member Congress in Tianjin, China. The nominees were judged, by an international jury of leading scientists, based on the connection to the animal nutrition and feed science theme as well as the quality of their scientific research. The grand prize winner was Dr. Long Pan, a Chinese resident, from China Agricultural University Beijing, who was recognized for the exceptional contribution of his PhD research to the field of Swine Nutrition.

2018 winner: Dr. Long Pan

Dr. Pan received the award for his PhD research on efficient utilization of sorghum as an alternative energy source for pigs, which he conducted under the supervision of Professor Xiangshu Piao. The award was given to Dr. Long Pan by Dr. Anna-Maria Kluenter, Corporate Science Fellow Animal Nutrition & Heath at Royal DSM. Commenting on this years’ award winner in the context of DSM’s wider ambitions in the Animal Nutrition field, Dr. Kluenter said: ’’we are very proud to recognize Dr. Pan for his research in the field of swine nutrition. His evaluation about sorghum as alternative feed ingredient in swine nutrition provides a sound scientific basis for new application concepts, contributing to a more sustainable world as it’s both economically viable and environmentally friendly, creating value on the dimensions of People, Planet and Profit simultaneously, which echoes DSM’s core value.”

Previous winner

In 2017, Chen Wen, from Tianjin Medical University, received the  Science & Technology Award Asia for her PhD research on the iodine nutrition of children from areas with varying iodine levels in drinking water, which she conducted under the supervision of Professor Wanqi Zhang. The outcome of her research has the potential to establish the upper safe intake levels of iodine for children and to guide their iodine fortification in China and beyond.

A summary of the key details:


Nominations were open to PhD students and all those who recently received their PhD. Candidates had to be nominated by their PhD supervisors (one nominee per supervisor).


The grand prize winner received a cash prize of RMB15,000 (approx. €1,900) and each of the 3 finalists received RMB 8,000 (approx. €1,000).

Nominees and runners-up

Nominees and runners-up for the 2018 Science & Technology Award China were:

  • Nominee: Dr. Yehui Duan
    Paper title: Effects of low-protein diets with optimal branched-chain amino acid ratio on protein metabolism and lipid metabolism in skeletal muscle of 10-30 kg pigs
    University: Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (ISA), Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Supervisor: Prof. Yulong Yin
  • Nominee: Dr. Qinliu He
    Paper title: Study on the underline mechanisms of α-ketoglutarate ameliorating intestinal injury in piglets
    University: Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (ISA), Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Supervisor: Prof. Yulong Yin
  • Nominee: Dr. Long Pan
    Paper title: Prediction equations for the available energy and efficient application of sorghum grain fed to pigs
    University: Institute of Animal Science, China Agriculture University
    Supervisor: Prof. Xiangshu Piao
  • Nominee: Dr. Zhouzheng Ren
    Paper title: Interactions between maternal and progeny vitamin nutrition in duck
    University: Institute of Animal Nutrition, Sichuan Agriculture University
    Supervisor: Prof. Keying Zhang