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Managing Sustainability

Getting the balance right

DSM puts great effort into managing sustainability and putting the right people, partners and processes in place to help realize its goals of a healthier planet, a fairer world, and sustainable and profitable growth for DSM. We are honored when these efforts are recognized by external stakeholders such as RobecoSAM, Fortune Magazine and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) amongst others.
Getting the balance right

In addition to DSM’s focus on its sustainable growth platforms - Nutrition, Climate Change, and the Circular Economy - DSM manages sustainability through its policies and processes on people, planet and profit - all of which is framed in our Code of Business Conduct.

People in 2015 - DSM's Integrated Annual Report


Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and to have their fundamental rights respected. This translates into DSM’s Human Resources Policy based on openness, fairness and trust that welcomes diverse opinions and experiences and encourages people to think - and act - for themselves. The most important part of this policy is health and safety; ensuring DSM’s employees are protected. In addition, DSM’s Human Rights policy reaches beyond DSM’s value chain to suppliers, customers and local communities.

Planet in 2015 - DSM's Integrated Annual Report


Protecting the planet is a big job which companies cannot do alone. DSM follows the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® Program and is a member of the Council of Chemical Associations’ long-range research initiative. DSM’s Advanced Manufacturing program is improving and re-engineering the way the company works and thinks, while we continue to craft new processes and programs for managing sustainable supply chains and sustainable supplier relationships. DSM works closely with those outside DSM to solve the planet’s biggest problems.

Profit in 2015 - DSM's Integrated Annual Report


Sustainable commercial success needs strong foundations and firm convictions - DSM has both. That means creating shared value based on honest fair, transparent, ethical and of course legally compliant business. DSM does this through a finely honed project management process, a dedicated product launch platform and a dedicated price and profitability analysis program.